Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Remembrance of our dear friend and colleague Coleen Tracey, WGUC commissioned this painting by Cincinnati artist Ursula Roma. The painting hangs in the Cincinnati Public Radio facility and provides daily inspiration to all who encounter it. Ursula, who also loved and misses Coleen, offers this legend of the artwork’s meaning.

This painting shows a few of the things that Coleen loved:

She loved Adam – Adam’s hand is reaching from the left for the Claddagh.
Stella – her beloved pooch-mutt!
Sophie and Mabel – her cats
Music, especially bluegrass – Coleen was learning to play the Dobro.
She sang beautifully.
LIW=Lying Irish Whores – her Thursday book? group.
She loved fish imagery and cranes.
She loved Paperwhites and Stargazer Lilies…
Irish and Celtic Imagery – Celtic Knots
She loved emerald greens and olive greens.
She often wore hats in the summer and she wore and made necklaces.
She placed a ganesh statue on her car dashboard.
She loved to share Jameson Whiskey and Guinness Beer.
She loved people and had a quick wit and a wonderful sense of humor.
She was very present and generous and extremely loving.

This painting represents only a small portion of a beautiful person who left a very large hole in our hearts when she left.